O-Cryl Orthodontic Resin


Duracryl® is a self-curing castable resin for direct or indirect preparation of secondary elements used in different types of prosthetic restorations; it also constitutes a form of safe work and excellent adaptation. The composition of the self-curing acrylic resin Duracryl (monomer and polymer) is used to make models of crowns, inlays, retainers, connectors, hooks and bridges.



– Easy handling
– Wide variety of brilliantly colored polymers offering more options when customizing patient’s appliances: Yellow, Pink, Green, Clear, Fluorescent Green, Fuchsia, Orange, Blue and now Black and White
– 4 colored monomers (Clear, Yellow, Blue and Magenta) permitting even more color variation to customize patient’s appliances
– 10 minutes polimerization time at room temperature
– Hight polish finish and optimal dimensional stability