Duracryl® is a self-curing castable resin for direct or indirect preparation of secondary elements used in different types of prosthetic restorations; it also constitutes a form of safe work and excellent adaptation. The composition of the self-curing acrylic resin Duracryl (monomer and polymer) is used to make models of crowns, inlays, retainers, connectors, hooks and bridges.



– Smooth Surface texture making it an optimum pattern resin
– Favorable flowability
– Perfect handling properties for brush technique
– Especially easy handling due to its thixotropic characteristics
– Extremely low contraction.
– It is ideal for dentists and laboratories
– 2–3 minutes working time
– Cadmium free. It is Red Color
– Hight stability even in thin layers, fine surface adjustments and smooth surfaces
– Leaves no residue after burnout